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Breathalyser Card Trick - Dave Lord
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The magician explains that he has developed a new breathalyser test, based on the spectator's powers of observation. Four cards are shown, each with a picture of a glass full of beer. The cards are counted from hand to hand, and one card is now discovered to be EMPTY! The magician cheats by turning the top card face down while the spectator is hopefully "distracted". However, when the cards are displayed again, the glasses are found to be ALL EMPTY! The magician then asks how many beers were displayed on the first side of the cards. Of course the spectator answers three. The cards are turned over to display all cards now have pictures of PINK ELEPHANTS!

  • This effect uses the Elmsley Count; simple instructions included.
  • Interactive comedy presentation.
  • Topical magic for performances where people are drinking.
  • Easy reset for table hopping.


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