Chinese Linking Rings - Stainless steel 12 in. (30cm) – Piper Magic

Chinese Linking Rings - Stainless steel 12 in. (30cm)

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**PRE-OWNED - Slight damage to the box, but rings are perfect**

This is the time to buy this antique and extraordinary trick. This is a “classic” set made from 8 rings. Use them all for a beautiful routine, or if you prefer use only three or five.
The effect is very famous: the rings are shown to be free, and then linked and unlinked in mysterious and baffling ways.
·         Supplied in their own special box.
·         Ideal both for parlor and stage shows.
·         Made from stainless steel, the rings have a very nice clinking sound.
·         The rings are handmade, and if you do not mind small imperfections (that in any case are not  visible on stage) this set will last you a lifetime!