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Gaff Assortment - Queen's Slipper

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Bicycle Playing Cards have become the standard in magic, because walk into any supermarket, chemist or service station in the USA and you'll find a pack of Bikes ready to buy. Here in Australia though, in any household, ask for playing cards and more than likely you'll be handed a deck of Queen's Slipper bridge size.

Now, you can possess a secret weapon...

Factory printed card gaffs you can keep in your wallet, ready and waiting for the opportune moment when you're thrown a deck from the bottom kitchen drawer.

Each set includes 35 assorted gaffs:

  • 5 x red/red double backers
  • 5 x blue/blue double backers
  • 5 x red/blue double backers
  • 8 x assorted blank back cards (random faces)
  • 12 x assorted double facers

Our current supply does not allow for individual face requests, however I'm happy to supply cards individually at $0.50 each. Please contact me directly with your requests.