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GEHEIMNISSE (Hardcover) Book and Gimmicks by Andreu - Book

GEHEIMNISSE (Hardcover) Book and Gimmicks by Andreu - Book

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Andreu's new mentalism release, GEHEIMNISSE ("Secrets") is finally here!

In this beautiful hardcover book of 144 pages, you will find new concepts and methods which will allow you to portray several abilities ranging from expert body language reading skills to real telepathy.

This is 100% practical and working material, which has been tried and tested in the real world and fries people's minds!

I) EINSICHT (A 100% Commercial Peek with Business Cards!)

The mindreader talks about intuition and E.S.P., and then proposes an experiment regarding these subjects.

After displaying three business cards, one is handed to a participant, who is asked to write a word which relates to her in a personal manner. The mindreader proceeds to place the card in the middle of two more business cards to make sure there is no access to the information and everything is then concealed in a pocket.

After concentrating in the thought... the mindreader is able to tune into the power of intuition to REVEAL THE THOUGHT PERFECTLY!

Finally, the business cards are shown again on all sides and the written thought is handed out, so the participant keeps a souvenir of this special moment FOREVER.

This is one of the most powerful and elegant ways to know information and it's so simple to do, you will smile when you know the secret!

There are no strange moves, cuts, controls, shuffling or unjustified procedures. This is completely self-working if you follow the provided instructions.

If you want something that will blow your spectators' minds but you'd also like to leave your business cards with them, this is the perfect and most exciting way to do it!

II) THE HANDS OF FATE (A Modern Approach to Which Hand)

A participant is asked to make several random choices. First, she places an imaginary coin in one of her hands. Surprisingly, the mindreader ascertains where the coin is hidden without any questions and in a very visual manner!

Then, the participant makes a final decision, where she contemplates if her life has been more influenced by fate or by chance.

It doesn't matter what she finally answers, the mindreader demonstrates that her exact decision has been PREDICTED WITH 100% ACCURACY!

This is one of the most beautiful and elegant versions of Which Hand; the procedure is so simple to do that there is no need to worry about failing, as it's completely self-working.

The ending is so clever and strong that your participants will have no idea how on earth you were able to predict their every action!

Also, rather than making your "Which Hand" look like a boring 50/50 game, this presentation is so powerful that your participants will be absolutely fascinated by every word you say. This fantastic presentation is worth the entrance fee!

III) SIGNS OF THE GODS (Propless Zodiac Sign Divination)

The mindreader narrates the history of zodiac signs and their ancient meaning.

Although he explains he's not a believer in astrology, he proposes an intriguing experiment based on reading people using their zodiac signs.

Two participants are selected at random from the audience and asked to think of their signs; the mindreader tells them to focus on aspects of each sign and think of the answers to a few questions he will ask. Even though they never give a verbal response to any of the questions, BOTH SIGNS are perfectly divined!
  • Very simple to perform with minimum memorization required.
  • No anagrams, fishing, dual reality or pre-show.
  • No asking for seasons, months, colors or any birth numbers.
  • No need to touch or get close to your participants. They never reply verbally to any question.
  • Several presentations included:
    Presentation I: Zodiac chart
    Presentation II: Propless version - (Works in any language).
  • Can be adapted to all venues (stage, close up, parlor).
  • Can be performed for several participants.
Signs of the Gods is Andreu's HUGE improvement on propless zodiac divination effects; it is powerful, entertaining and allows you to know anyone's sign very fast. The provided presentations are fantastic and don't require belief in Astrology from your participant (or the performer). Even skeptics will love this.

Also, the fact that the spectators never reply to anything verbally makes it - undoubtedly - one of the most amazing and practical modern zodiac divination in the world of mentalism.


The hypnotist shows 4 envelopes on both sides. There is nothing written on them, nor are they secretly marked. He then proceeds to hand them to a hypnotized subject (who has his eyes open), claiming each envelope has inside a different colored card: GREEN, RED, BLUE, and YELLOW.

After the envelopes are freely mixed, the hypnotist gives a suggestion to the participant to give him x-ray vision powers, which will allow him to see through the envelopes in order to deduce the correct colors.

After the envelopes are marked in full view, according to what the spectator indicates would be the RED, BLUE AND YELLOW colors, the participant is left with ONLY ONE envelope in his hand.

The hypnotist asks him to open it to see if it matches with the GREEN color, and much to his amazement and that of the audience, the card MATCHES!

Now, the envelope marked with "RED" is handed to the participant for him to open it... the RED card matches perfectly! The same happens with the other two envelopes. In all cases, the participant correctly determines the colored card inside using his x-ray vision! A PERFECT HIT. THE AUDIENCE WILL GO WILD WITH APPLAUSE!

V) TAROT SIGHT (Devin Knight)

An ungimmicked deck of tarot cards is shuffled by a participant.

He ensures that the cards are genuine and all different. After the cards are shuffled, three more participants are asked to come forward and join him. One of the participants removes the top five cards from the SHUFFLED Tarot pack. He places the cards face up on a table so the cards are concealed from the performer's sight, but visible to all the participants. The participants are then asked to mentally select a card. They write nothing down, they just think of a tarot card. There are no restrictions. Each participant could be thinking of a different card, or they all could be thinking of the same card. They do not share their thoughts with each other. They are to give no outward sign of choosing a card - but just to keep it in their creative, visual imaginations. The performer never sees the five selected cards during the routine.

Once the selections have been made, the performer begins the process of reading four minds at once. The incredible thing is that the performer does this without the participants saying a single thing and WITHOUT SEEING the five tarot cards! The participants merely close their eyes and visualize. Despite these impossible appearing conditions, THE PERFORMER IS ALWAYS 100% CORRECT. This is about as close to real mind reading as you will get.


Every book comes with a beautiful professionally printed design for the second phase of The Hands of Fate. This design is reusable for every performance and will last you for years to come.


"With Einsicht, Andreu has evidently evaluated, then cleverly combined a couple of devious methods known in our craft and developed a different, but very practical peek solution. Involving only a minimal DIY approach that takes minutes to prepare. I'm sure many billet workers will want to add to this to their arsenal once they realize how effective and natural it is handling-wise."
- Steve Drury

"Signs of the Gods is a very effective way to guess a person's Zodiac sign. The mixture of methods used is quite remarkable and, if one applies a good, solid presentation that doesn't look like a guessing game, it will be quite effective. I recommend you study all the nuances given in the instructions in order to present it in a very convincing way."
- Richard Osterlind

"Definitely some very useful ideas contained within these pages. If you are a fan of propless star sign divinations, you will really enjoy Andreu's!".
- Robert Watkins

Note: The book is entirely written in English.

Hardcover, 144 pages.
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