Healing Hearts by Mago Martin & Jansenson
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If you could dream about the perfect anytime, anywhere effect to enchant every woman's heart, Healing Hearts will make that dream a reality.

If you thought that torn and restored paper could not get any better, then think again.

Healing Hearts is the most charming and engaging effect ever and it's clean, easy and simple. Healing hearts will steal every woman's heart, and will make every man and magician envious.

We're bringing you the perfect any venue, any age, any situation, lightweight, easy to set up, easy to handle, packs small plays big, affordable effect.

It's called Healing Hearts.

Mago Martín and Jansenson teamed up to put together the most charming torn and restored paper effect ever. Martín created the effect and perfected the construction and technical handling of the actual props and Jansenson has been fine tuning its presentation for 10 years, making Healing Hearts a highlight in his show.

Healing Hearts is not only the perfect any-venue-any-situation effect; it's just the perfect example of a magic experience for any audience. Please don't trust our words, just go and see the three demo videos presented live by Jansenson in different venues.

With the simplest props you will be able to steal every woman's heart and make every man envious. With a little work and a little practice, you will instantly transform into the Prince Charming of every situation, as long as you carry the tiny prop in your pocket.

The Healing Hearts DVD will not only teach you how to construct and perform the effect in any condition, but you will also be exposed to a new world of presentation and audience management. Learn how to create a very strong bond with a woman from any audience and then create together with her the most magical and romantic experience for everyone in the theatre.

Jansenson teaches you how to put together the right materials and construct the props in two minutes; how to properly perform the effect in the technical aspects; how to present it; how to choreograph the movements and the whole effect; how to interact with the woman from the audience and create a strong bond with her to amplify the experience for everybody in the audience. This handling, explained in detail by Jansenson, will help you understand many never before seen techniques in audience management that you will be able to use in any effect or routine in your show.

Healing Hearts is not just an effect. It's the most powerful weapon in any magical arsenal.

What Healing Hearts is:

Tiny and lightweight to carry.
Plays big.
Any audience (any size, any age, any venue, any language)
Perform it seriously or funny, silent or spoken.
Make it yourself in minutes, have it in your pocket for as many shows as you want.
Includes instructional DVD on prop construction,tissue paper, template,full performance rights, routine and performance
Full of romantic potential. Running time: approximately 1 hour 23 minutes


"Poetic and mysterious. Healing Hearts is very cool!"
-Jorge Blass

"If the legendary Don Juan would have been a magician, he would have definitely performed this effect."
- Michael Rangel

"With Healing Hearts I fell in love with Jansenson!." - Joaquín Ayala

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