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Intercessor - Gaetan Bloom
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*PRE-OWNED* - As new, with gimmick and original instructions.

Gaetan Bloom`s Intercessor is one of the most powerful dodges used in card magic! It brings the torn corner principle into the 21st century. Once a card is chosen, a corner is torn off and kept by a spectator as the rest of the card is then destroyed. The card can then be found restored virtually anywhere - inside a cigarette, in a lemon or inside a spare tire dangling from a crane, if you so desire! The card is not only restored but the corner matches, proving it is the same card. All of these great mysteries work on the same principle, the corner switch. The torn corner of the forced selected card is switched for a corner of the duplicate card, already set up in the final location. How is this possible, you ask?

Thanks to the Intercessor, you will be able to achieve all these effects without switching any corner at any time. Moreover, once the card has been selected, the spectator can even sign the corner of the card. This corner is then ripped off and given to the spectator. The card is then destroyed and found restored wherever you like, with NO false moves at any time. The effect can even be repeated if you wish! How cool is that?!

Comes with a precision-crafted machined gimmick ready to use with tons of ideas from Gaetan Bloom, Juan Tamariz and Michael Weber. Also comes with Gaetan`s favorite routine!

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