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Levitation Impossible - Steve Fearson
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Levitation Impossible is the solution to a challenge posed nearly 20 years ago.  A challenge that until now, was impossible.  

The challenge as posed:  To cause an object to animate and levitate while isolated under a glass, completely eliminating the possibility of thread as a method.

Both the glass and the bill can be borrowed.  There are no holes or slits in the glass.  Levitation Impossible can be performed on any surface, even a glass tabletop!

The secret gimmick allows you to control the bill remotely, causing it to move up and down on your command.  There is nothing in your hands.


And it does all of this while ISOLATED under a BORROWED wine glass.

There has never been a levitation performed in exactly this manner.  The method will blow you away.

ANYONE can do this and you can perform it just about anywhere


Now you can perform a truly impossible feat of levitation without complicated body hookups,  without fumbling with reels and without fear of the object falling to the ground because your thread snapped.  Impossible has never been so easy!

You will receive all necessary gimmicks and access to a comprehensive online instructional DVD.  (Bonus alternate presentation ideas included.)  You supply the bill and the glass.

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