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MindStorms by Sean Taylor
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Within this book you'll find more than 20 routines for closeup and stage and a series of "no holds barred" essays on the performance and business of mentalism. If you are a professional mentalist, you'll be itching to try some of these techniques and if you moving from magic to mentalism this book provides not so much a road map as a GPS.

Effects include ...

  • The Book Master - The Any Book, Any Page booktest system. No memory work, no forcing and no pumping.
  • The Throne Room - Sean's approach to the classic chair test. Four Audience members sit on four chairs and you have correctly predicted their seating position, not once but twice!
  • News Of The World - A newspaper test where the entire audience helps to select a single word from dozens of newspapers. A single word which matches a prediction in view from the outset. The performer is seated in the audience throughout!

    Joe Atmore said "I loved your newspaper test! At first I was thinking it was a standard bit - but when you sat down in the audience, I thought otherwise. You had me guessing all the way up until the reveal. Very nice structuring to the routine. You had me when the spectator chose I think 10 and then the person on stage counted down and you weren't involved at all. Being the kind of guy I am, I tried to work it out, but didn't come up with anything satisfactory. Are you going to release it?"


  • The Pro Envelope - Perhaps the easiest and most versatile gimmicked envelope.
  • Survivor - You predict the last man standing in a live version of the popular TV show.
  • Anchors AHoy - Possibly the most convincing version of the David Hoy Tossed Out Deck yet.
  • Colossal Card Memory - Memorise an entire deck of giant cards, bizarrely with no memory work!
  • Pineapple Surprise - Sean's marketed comedy cabaret effect with new work for the mentalist.
  • MindChange - A unique handling for Kurotsuke with borrowed coins.
  • Persuasive Banknight - Sean's opening effect for over 5 years. Finally 'Banknight' makes sense.

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