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No Fail Kid's Show Magic: Vol. 1 - Sean Taylor

No Fail Kid's Show Magic: Vol. 1 - Sean Taylor

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For many years, Sean made a full time living from entertaining children. He has been described as a dynamic, quick witted, funny and talented family entertainer. Consequently, he could be found each week working solidly for audiences from the smallest, back yard birthday party up to huge corporate stage shows for all ages. Working in and around small towns, he was forced to constantly develop new material in order to remain current and manage repeat bookings. 

The DVDs in this series contain over 30 different tricks, routines and effects. You will see them performed live for an audience of excitable and ebullient kids and then, aside from explaining the effects, Sean also details the secrets behind the tricks. He covers in depth the kinds of things you should consider when entertaining kids with tips, gags, lines, bits of business and advice gleaned from years of live performance. 

Volume 1 - The Commercial Show 

In this show, Sean performs a group of tricks which formed the backbone of his working act for more than 15 years. The show packs small but is big enough to play for the largest of crowds. 

-Introduction to the series 
-The LIVE Show 

1. The Tippy Wand and Opera Hat 
2. The Professor's Wands 
3. The Decoration Box 
4. Doggy Bag and Snap Gag 
5. Uncle Charlie's Night Cap 
6. Loopy Loops 
7. The Change Bag 
8. The Breakaway Wand 

*Bonus Segment* 

How to structure a kid's show. 

Running Time Approximately: 85mins

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