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On Target - Sean Taylor
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Two decks are shown, one red and one blue. The spectator is asked to select a TARGET deck. This is a free choice.

The 1st deck is opened by the spectator, let's say it is the blue deck. He/She deals the cards FACE UP, freely and fairly and stops at whichever card he/she likes. The magician NEVER touches it. The rest of the deck is shown front and back.

There are no duplicates. Attention is drawn to the 2nd deck ( the red one). The SPECTATOR removes the cards from the box and deals them FACE UP, counting as he/she goes. Thre are only 51 red cards... and the card he chose is missing. Attention is drawn to the free selection he made from the blue deck, he turns it over. It is the one MISSING RED CARD.

In this miraculous take on the classic " Premonition", the spectator makes ALL the choices, there are only 2 decks with NO FORCE, NO ROUGH AND SMOOTH, NO THIN CARDS and what's more it is completely SELF-WORKING allowing you to concentrate on selling ON TARGET for all you are worth.

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