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Professional Snowstorm Pack (12 pk) by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - Trick

Professional Snowstorm Pack (12 pk) by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - Trick

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Murphy's Magic is proud to present the Professional's Snowstorm pack!

The Professional's Snowstorm refill pack is perfect for any version of Snowstorm in China.

The Classic Effect:

A single piece of white tissue paper is torn into pieces and placed into a glass of water. The pieces are removed from the water and squeezed. A traditional Chinese fan is opened and waved back and forth. Suddenly, tiny pieces of tissue resembling snowflakes start to fly around, filling the stage. As the fan is moved back and forth, more and more snowflakes emerge from your hand! This classic effect creates a beautiful image as snowflakes magically float and cascade through the air.


The Professional's Snowstorm flakes do not stick to each other. Meaning you will appear to have almost twice the amount of snow, making the illusion even more beautiful and amazing!


The paper that was chosen expressly for these flakes is ultra-bright white. This insures each and every flake will catch as much light as possible. Many competing products use a "cream" colored paper. When you place the Professional's Snowstorm next to others, you will instantly notice the difference.


Each pack comes with 12 individually wrapped Snowstorms. These snowstorms also come in a compact box (as opposed to a plastic wrap) to prevent spilling or damage when traveling.


The paper used is the best quality possible for the purposes of appearance and feel. The paper is bright white and ultra-thin and light, yet strong and free moving. You'll notice the difference in your first performance!
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Customer Reviews

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Freyja Wild
Fast and friendly

I contacted Piper Magic when I needed a Snowstorm for a show on short notice, and received the package the very next day. I forgot to write directly to say thank you, but the boxes were very well packaged, arrived safely and I'm very happy to say I will be using Piper's Magic again next time I need anything like this.

Wayne Anthoney

The Snowstorm packets are very well made but to tell you the truth I haven't tried the effect yet , either inside or out, because it makes such a mess and my wife would not be pleased. Soon I will try it in a space where I can easily clean up afterwards