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Silicone Hand Manipulation Balls - Custom Illusions

Silicone Hand Manipulation Balls - Custom Illusions

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Missing from the market for nearly a decade...

Solid silicone manipulation balls have been missing from the market for nearly a decade after the number one provider in the world closed its doors. These sets, if and when you can find them, fetch a pretty penny. 

The only hope was inferior quality replacements...

For those that still wished to perform effects like the "Three Ball Routine" were left with little choice but to use inferior quality balls like those found in vending machines. Though they worked they lacked the incredible quality that pure high grade silicone could provide. This fact has led to a decline in the popularity of this trick.

Custom Illusions has answered the call...

Many advancements in the manufacturing process over the years since the demise of "Hand Manip Balls" have taken place leading to better silicone and better mold making processes. Custom Illusions balls take full advantage of these advancements and now offers the magic community a ball designed to be better than the originals.  

  • Every set of our Hand Manipulation balls will be comprised of 5 amazing one inch balls. 
  • Each set are made with the highest grade silicone available on the market. Plus they are UV reactive for fantastic glowing effects.
  • This new improved material makes our balls handle better, grip better, and look better than any other ball on the market. 

Need inspiration for a routine using the Manipulation Balls? For a limited time, every set sold includes a free copy of the Fabulous Three Ball Trick DVD valued at $34*. 

Routines include:

Balls & Net - Johnny Thompson
Three Ball Transposition - Fernando Keops
The Three Ball Routine - Gary Ouellet
Asteroids - Flip
3 Ball Trick - Johnny Thompson
The Balls In The Net - Dai Vernon
The Fabulous Three Ball Routine - David Roth


*Limited time and only while stocks last

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Customer Reviews

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Stephen Lawson
Excellent quality

These are exactly what I need for this trick. These balls are excellent quality. They slide nicely in the fingers allowing the necessary sleight to be executed easily.