Smoke & Mirrors (WHITE) Playing Cards by Dan and Dave – Piper Magic

Smoke & Mirrors (WHITE) Playing Cards by Dan and Dave
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A legendary brand of playing cards known across the globe for their style, prestige and excellence.

Instead of releasing just another edition, Dan and Dave reproduced the entire set combining everything we know about printing cards - over five years of experience.

The deck is just amazing!

Every detail was reexamined, refined and carefully produced. From the paper stock, to new artwork and even a custom seal that is perforated along the box crescent to more easily open the cards. Nothing was left out. They are perfect.

In the beginning, the Smoke & Mirrors were designed to be a personal deck. They were custom tailored to our taste with original art by Si Scott. We never imagined they’d be used by so many, let alone the best in the world.

For the countdown to the final edition of Smoke & Mirrors, we partnered with the best magicians and cardists across the globe to showcase the style, prestige, and excellence that is the Smoke & Mirrors. 

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