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Stiff Rope by Mr. Magic - Trick

Stiff Rope by Mr. Magic - Trick

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This will remind you the famous Indian Rope Trick Illusion. You show a rolled up piece of rope. Now uncoiling the rope you stretch the rope between the two hands, horizontally, and pretend to hypnotize the rope. Dramatically release one end of the rope from one hand. The rope remains in the same position, rigid like a stick. You may also hold the rope at the center when it is stiff. With a little care you can make the rope stand almost in a vertical position. You merely blow on the rope, and it falls down limp once again. You may use this effect as a standalone effect or combining with other effects. The rope may be used as a comedy prop with another trick, or as an effect by itself. Please note that it cannot be made to stand stiff in a total vertical position. Stiff Rope is about 30 inches long and made with quite thick white rope that makes it visible from the distance. This magic trick is very easy to perform!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gerry Slessenger
Stiff rope

My very old one wore out. Great to have a perfect one again.

Roger Fletcher
A Total "Flop"

An absolute shocker. No matter what i did the rope would not stay stiff in any way! A total waste of time and money!!

Philip Pocock
Stiff rope magic

Great service and super fast postage.