The 50 Best Conjuring Tricks - Charles Crayford
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*PRE-OWNED* - Average condition. Dust jacket torn in places and internal pages discoloured.


5 Part 1
5 The String Trick: string passes through blocks and is cut, but not damaged
5 The Magic Corks: a magic box multiplies corks
6 The Wonderful Bran Barrel: Bran passes between a cylinder and a bag
7 Gravitation Defied: A ball falls down a cord on command
7 Table Lifting Extra-Ordinary: table lifts with the slightest touch
8 The Magnetized Hat: attaches to the hand
9 The Performing Cigar: Cigar suspends on a hat
10 Inexhaustible Hat Trick: many cups produced from a hat
11 Handkerchiefs Tie and Untie Themselves
12 The Mystic Nail: thru the finger
12 The Bewitched Bottle: magician divines what peg placed into a bottle
13 Indian Bead Mystery: center bead removed from string of beads
14 A Handy Canister: handkerchief changes to spring flowers
15 The Conjurer's Fruit Knife: coin found in fruit using special knife
16 The Barber's Pole: paper eaten and a barber pole is produced from mouth
17 The Haunted Umbrella: Umbrella balances by itself
18 A Funny Funnnel: liquid pours from funnel on command
18 A Useful Sugar Bag: Vanisher
19 Wine Versus Bran: wine poured from bottle, it is covered, and when lifted, only bran remains

21 Part II
21 The Ever Changing Die: Magician causes spots on a die to change
22 Lidless Card Box: vanish a card
22 The Magic Photo Frame: card appears in frame
23 Handkerchief from Candle Flame
25 The Handkerchief Wand
26 The Magic Buttonhole: flower appears instantly in coat buttonhole
27 A Wonderful Soup-Plate: produces articles
28 Conjurer's Pistol: a cap gun
29 The Card Table: a pedestal for changing cards
30 Glass of Water From a Handkerchief
31 A Good Black-Art Table
32 Bowl of Goldfish From a Shawl
33 A Basket of Flowers: empty basket produces flowers
35 The Crystal Casket
36 Sweets From a Handkerchief: borrowed
37 Tea Versus Coffee: Tea leaves transpose with Coffee
38 Travelling Egg: from glass to wherever
40 To Pass a Penny Through a Glass of Water
41 Dyeing Handkerchief: color changing
42 The Vanishing Penny: with aid of a handkerchief
44 VAnishing Glass of Stout: when covered with a cylinder
45 A Useful Servante
46 A Flag and Some Hot Coffee: with a gimmicked coffee pot
47 A Shilling in a Ball of Wool: several approaches
50 The French Drop
50 The Bran Cylinder: Bran changes to other items
52 Dry Sand From Wet Water
53 Handkerchief to Snake
54 A Vanishing Card
56 A Study in Black and White
57 Green Versus Red Handkerchief
58 A Novel Production
59 Disappearing Cards
60 Lighted Candle Production
61 A Useful Matchbox
62 Conclusion

Fairly collectable due to it's age. Good condition for a book printed 100 years ago.

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