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The Best Tricks & How To Do Them - David Devant
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11 Introduction

15 Chapter 1 Coin Tricks
15 The Travelling Coins: from hand to hand
18 The Cap and Pence: stack of pennies are vanished and appear under cap in place of a die
20 An Impossible Trick: pass a penny through a shilling sized hole
21 A Coin and a Ball: vanished coin found in ball of silk
24 A Coin and a Nest of Boxes: vanished coin found in nest of boxes
25 The Miser's Dream: multiplying coins

31 Chapter 2 Tricks with Balls
31 The Billiard Balls: multiplying balls act
39 A Ball and a Handkerchief: ping-pong ball and handkerchief transposition
43 A Handkerchief Changed into a Ball: mechanical
45 The Patriotic Balls: three red, three white, and three blue balls in 3 hats, each becomes mixed

47 Chapter 3 Card Tricks
47 Simple Thought-Reading
55 Invisible Flight: torn and restored to a card frame (sand frame)
59 Three Celebrities: three cards in envelope transfer to empty frame, while envelope contains selected celebrity names
63 The Card and the Cigarette: selected card is found in a cigarette

66 Chapter 4 Miscellaneous Tricks
66 The Clock: stops at any hour chosen by audience
75 The Sliding Die Box

81 Chapter 5 Miscellaneous Tricks (continued)
81 A Strip of Paper: torn and restored (TT)
85 The Drying Machine: wet tissue paper dries instantly
87 A Chinese Transparency: a math trick
91 The Japanese Box: stage apparatus trick
98 The Mysterious Ring: large ring ends up on rope tied between wrists
99 The 20th Century Trick: simplified version of this silk trick
103 The Dyed Handkerchiefs: color changing

108 Chapter 6 A Feat of Memory: an experiment in recall

120 Chapter 7 Laying the Ghost: a stage illusion

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