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The Psychology of Magic: From Lab to Stage by Gustav Kuhn and Alice Pailhes - Book

The Psychology of Magic: From Lab to Stage by Gustav Kuhn and Alice Pailhes - Book

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Scientifically-proven methods for improving your magic.

Partnering with Vanishing Inc., scientific researchers Gustav Kuhn and Alice Phailès have created the first-ever book showcasing how to make your magic better with science. The Psychology of Magic: From Lab To Stage is a gorgeous 312-page hardback book containing 4+ years of research conducted in the world's only dedicated "Magic Lab."

This exceptional book is bursting with invaluable information, unlike anything magicians have ever seen before. While there have been books exploring the way psychology and magic work in harmony, none have been researched and written exclusively to serve as a scientific and practical guide for helping magicians apply these concepts to their own work.

There's no guesswork in The Psychology of Magic. These are practical techniques forged from real-life examples that have been specifically designed to help you create and perform better magic.

Despite its academic foundation, you are not buying a textbook filled with meaningless facts. The Psychology of Magic is a captivating guidebook that gives magicians the critical data they need, and then shows them exactly how to start applying it to their own magic right away.

Once you start reading, you won't be able to put it down. Each chapter is laid out in a clear, easy-to-digest format. The book itself is also stunning and continues Vanishing Inc.'s legacy as the gold standard among magic book publishers.

Some of the many ways you'll learn how to make stronger magic include:

  • Exploiting your audience's blindspots
  • Using psychology to improve forcing
  • How visual illusions trick the brain
  • Getting more impact out of the magic you already perform

  • If you're a magician looking to improve the magic you're already doing, then you need to grab yourself a copy of *The Psychology of Magic: From Lab to Stage* today.
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    Customer Reviews

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    Josh Foster
    A significant advancement in magic theory

    Possibly one of the most important books to understand why and how magic works by applying contemporary experimental methods to magic effects, allowing us to measure the neurological behaviour of the mind.