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Truth by Paul Richards

Truth by Paul Richards

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Available ONLY at Piper Magic, or from Paul Richards in person!


A complete sell out at....

  • MagiFest 2010
  • Blackpool 2010
  • Cape Cod Conclave 2010
  • CAM 2010
  • NEMCON 2010

Paul Richards' Truth is finally available online! Only while stock lasts.

Imagine seeing through a lie and always knowing....the Truth.

The spectator is given a free choice of two colored chips. They choose one and drop it into a black bag, then the second chip is also placed inside. Only the spectator knows the color of the choosen chip. The magician NEVER sees the chips as they are placed into the bag. The chips are legitimately mixed by both the magician and the spectator. The spectator tries to mislead the magician as to what color was selected. But each time the magician knows the Truth.

The magician adds more chips, each a different colour and every time the magician sees through the lies and reveals the Truth. The effect can be repeated again and only gets more impossible.

Comes complete with:

  • five colored chips
  • mixing bag
  • the Truth gimmick,
  • and a detailed instructional tutorial

The tutorial not only covers every aspect of the routine - but also includes bonus ideas for customizing Truth for a wide variety of objects and occasions. Everything may be examined before and after the effect. Remember these important facts:

  • Easy to do
  • No force of any kind
  • Instantly reset and repeatable
  • Use virtually any paper bag
  • The spectator may mix the chips
  • All may be examined
  • No peeks or could even be blindfolded!

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