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Venom Cube by Henry Harrius

Venom Cube by Henry Harrius

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It is a MAJOR STEP FORWARD In cube matching effects. All you need is the skill to not laugh while you are doing it.
- Garrett Thomas

This is the ULTIMATE Rubik's cube matching effect.

In this definitive version, there are NO SWITCHES. You ask a spectator to mix a a Rubik's cube while you mix another cube. When the cubes are compared side by's a perfect match. You end, of course, by solving your cube with magic. This method is HILARIOUSLY deceptive, easy to do, and can be done absolutely surrounded. This is a show-stopping, show-closing miracle.

As you will have come to expect from Rubik's Dream products, you also get to learn a sensational new move: The Gear Solve. This gimmick-less cube solve looks so magical you will swear that the cube is somehow gaffed.

You receive:

  • The Venom gimmick
  • Two specially altered RD Regular Cubes
  • A velvet carrying bag
  • A set of stickers (with plenty of extras)
  • A comprehensive video tutorial


"The cleanest and best cube magic effect I have ever seen. It's wonderful. I love it" 
Angelo Carbone
"The method is as devious as the trick itself!"
Shin Lim (winner of AGT Champions 2019)
"The next step in cube matching effects"
Steven Brundage
"I love Henry's work [...] Prepare to be surprised again!"
Takamiz Usui
""The Venom Cube strikes fast and strikes hard. It is the most open and direct version of the Sympathetic Cube available."
Karl Hein
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