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Vortex Magic Presents Mental Karaoke (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Harvey Raft - Trick
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Vortex Magic is proud to have gotten the rights to the manuscripts of underground mentalist, Harvey Raft. Harvey has over fifty original routines and ideas in his notebooks, and over forty-five years of experience as a performer. Up until now his work has been shared with a small number of professional performers. 


A Book Test style routine using music!! 

The spectator chooses a song title from a TOP 80 LIST of karaoke songs. They are then shown four karaoke cards from different karaoke games and asked to find their song on the cards. The performer can reveal the chosen song in any manner they like, such as playing the song on their phone, or by reading the mind of a spectator. 

They really do have a FREE CHOICE of one of 80 songs and you can very quickly tell them the song they have chosen. 

Designed to fit in your pocket, these special karaoke cards make it easy to perform. Instant reset - can be repeated with a different song each time. 

Ideal for walk-around but you could also use this on stage. 

What you receive:

  • Four specially designed karaoke song cards
  • Two song title cards (80 songs)
  • Download tutorial

Customer Reviews

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Awesome quality

I love this trick! The quality of the cards is outstanding, very high standard of production and the method is beyond simple to perform. However the best feature of this trick is the multitude of ways you can reveal their thought of song. I’ve gone through and bought all of the songs from the song list from iTunes (not that you need to) but it allows me to reveal the song through actually playing the song. This trick can be performed for adults and children alike, as the karaoke songs range from Disney children’s films, to 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, right up to current pop songs from mainstream culture. I can’t wait to perform this trick a lot more!!

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