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  • Two Card Monte by Royal Magic

    You show two cards, then conceal one. The spectator can never guess which card remains. Here is an easy to do version of an old gambling trick.

    No sleight of hand involved. Perform it nearly immediately after opening the package!

    NOW JUST $1.95 
  • Wonder Worm

    This fuzzy toy worm comes to life in your hands! Amazing lifelike movements!

    • Amazing!
    • Hours of Fun!
    • You can take it everywhere, it's a dream come true!

    Comes complete with worm, thread and instruction sheet.

    ONLY $2.95 
  • PAYphone by Corey Burke

    Set within the confines of a Portland pay phone, magician Corey Burke finds himself coerced into performing tricks for random passer-bys. How far will he take his magic to save his life, or will he risk it all by hanging up and walking away?

    NOW $50 OFF! 


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