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Artisan Magic Wand By TCC - Pre Owned

Artisan Magic Wand By TCC - Pre Owned

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As new, this was kept in a drawer. Never even on display. a beautiful collectible for any magician.

From the TCC ad copy:

Let's begin with the magic wand.

In terms of appearance, we chose to break the convention, avoid the stereotype of magic, and start from life. The engraving patterns are inspired by the leaves of the Acanthus.

It is a creeping perennial plant that grows on the Mediterranean coast in southern Europe. It has beautiful zigzag leaves and an elegant tone. It is a symbol of regeneration and resurrection. Therefore, it was widely used in decorative art by ancient Greek artists and craftsmen, and it was a typical theme of ancient Greek and Roman decoration.

When we transfigure its patterns into the engravings onto the magic wand, what we hope to convey the a sense of vitality, rhythm, liveliness, and cultural meaning.

The most iconic design are the bands, where the shaft of magic wand and metal tips meet.

Initially, we wanted to use marble as the material for the bands, but after a few attempts, we found that the process was very difficult. Later, we used painted forms to emulate the luster of marble. The final result was also very beautiful and made its overall shape more prominent and complete.Although there are not much magical elements in the design per se, the overall design of the magic wand retains the core measurements and characteristics.

The engraved metal tips are made from high-quality brass, with distinct lines and strict quality control for each carved accessory. This ensures that the difference in weight of each tips is within 0.01g, which fully meets the needs of a well balanced magic wand.

Healthy, thick wood, paired with the engraved metal tips, resulting in an elegant and exquisite magic wand.

The wand weighs in at 126g. Perfectly balanced and comfortable to handle.

We aspire for this to become a collector’s item. So, we have also meticulously prepared a wooden collection case, with velvet inlay, custom nameplates, and well thought out placement.

Just for you.
We hope that this magic wand could not only be used to perform magic, but also a work of art with high collection value.

As always, the pricing is amazing.

·Material is ebony shaft, with engraved silver-plated brass tips
·Metal tip parameters:
·Weight: 48g. Dimensions: diameter 11.5mm, length 50mm
·Wooden shaft parameters:
·Weight: 30g. Size: diameter 11.5mm, length 220mm
·Magic wand weight: 126g
·Magic wand size: diameter 11.5mm, length 320mm
·Full set weight: 551g
Note: Due to manual measurements, there may be an error of 0-3 units.


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Wow this is great!!
Feel and balance is amazing
So glad I got this and always happy with piper magic