In 1970, the Jerry's Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada produced a special deck of cards that were not used within their casino but were instead sold at their gift shop for a mere fifty cents each. Over the years, these decks have garnered immense appeal among collectors due to their distinct handling qualities. Today, nearly half a century later, these decks fetch prices exceeding $500 per deck in the thriving secondary market.

The iconic card backs feature an image of the casino's oil derrick sign, prominently displayed against a solid blue or red backdrop. This emblematic sign is also featured on the deck's joker card.

In 2019, through a collaborative effort between Expert Playing Card Company and Jerry's Nugget Casino, an exciting project was initiated to recreate these coveted decks, offering both a modern and vintage finish. Subsequent reprints of the Jerry's Nugget design have been introduced in a variety of captivating colors, expanding the options available to enthusiasts and collectors alike.