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Grifters - Trick

Grifters - Trick

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As the tale goes, the hobos of the Great Depression used to spend excruciatingly long hours, or even days, about trains moving from one place to another. They would bide their time by carving their signature imagery into the famed "Buffalo Nickels", turning them into exclusive works of art to be traded, and more importantly, recognized for their craftsmanship and prestige within this subculture. The Hobo Nickel originators are now famed for creating, not just a modified coin, but an exclusive, sculpted work of art. If you held one of these coins, it was your key to the underground.

The Grifters coins are imagined reality based on the legacy of the Hobo Nickels of the early 1900s. With an antique style, patina-silver finish, the Grifters have been handwork in the Murphy's manufacturing lab to reduce 'talking' and increase the glide that many top coin men cherish.

- Antique silver-patina finish- updated mold 2021
- Hand-worn surface for smoothness and glide
- Scuff and scratch resistant, built for toughness
- Matched weight and dimensions of a Kennedy Half Dollar

Included with the package are seven classic beginning coin effects and several handling techniques that are perfect for taking your first step into coin magic.

Grifters are your tokens of access to a hidden world and accepted by only those who know... "Fallaces sunt rerum species".
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Customer Reviews

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Ronan Stewart

Was the best IV seen thank enjoy

A Comparison to the Bitcoins

So I got the Half-Dollar sized Bitcoins and then got these afterwards. There is a really noticeable lack of "ping" or "clatter" with these coins which is completely different to the Bitcoins. Plus I've had them for a while and I can't seem to find a scratch on them anywhere. I do find them a little bit more difficult to manipulate than the Bitcoins but that's probably a reflection on my personal skill rather than the coins. They also don't catch the light at all but they're abstract and an odd colour so people are still interested in them enough to give me a window into performance.

The downside is that the link to the video doesn't work. I have the instruction video from the Bitcoins though so it's not really a massive issue for me. I can't help but wonder if there was something on this video that wasn't in the Bitcoin one though.

Nobody at the manufacturer seems to be responding to my requests for assistance so I can't help but take a couple of stars off for that.
If it was just based on the coins and not the "several magic effects included in the package" it would get 5 stars. Honestly, if you're just looking for some unique custom coins specifically for magic and you've already got the skillz - these are perfect for you.