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Levante Block Off Ribbon - Australian Made

Levante Block Off Ribbon - Australian Made

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Handmade in Australia by master magician & craftsman John Andersen.

Made famous by the great Les Levante, this mechanical apparatus is rarely seen.

The above video show Les Levante performing his version of this classic effect.

The secret is so cunning, that even Harry Blackstone Sr. was known to sneak on stage during Levante's performances to inspect the block. He never found the method!

The effect is very simple: a committee from the audience is invited to inspect a solid wooden block with a single hole through the middle. A long ribbon is threaded through and secured at each end by two spectators.

Without any false movements, the magician simply walks away from the ribbon still holding the block... seemingly melting solid through solid. It can be immediately handed back for close scrutiny.

The secret to this classic of magic has been closely guarded for decades. This is your chance to own a true collectors item. John was a close friend of Levante and has held the secret of the block for many years. Now it can be yours.

These will never be made again!

Made to last from solid timber. Mechanism is simple and reliable. Minor scuffs from being transported.

H: 15cm
W: 15cm
D: 15cm

Supplied without instruction. Copy of hand drawn construction diagram can be sent.

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