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The Deck Of Fortune by Liam Montier

The Deck Of Fortune by Liam Montier

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"The perfect deck for a perfect prediction trick! Liam's ultrasmart Deck of Fortune captivates your audience-then fools them badly. Get this special trick while you can!"
- John Bannon

Comes with a specially printed fortune telling deck!

The Deck of Fortune is Liam Montier's updated handling of a Paul Curry classic that will have you leaving the Invisible Deck behind in a drawer... But why?

The Deck of Fortune doesn't reveal just one card. Fortune reveals ANY THREE NAMED CARDS no forces, no fishing, no limits.

The Deck of Fortune is self-working. It is even easier than the Invisible Deck, as there is no rough and smooth, no sticky stuff, no double cards, and no secret moves.

Finally, The Deck of Fortune presents itself. Laying out three predictions, saying PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE, your spectator freely names any three cards, and then chooses which prediction they apply to. Despite all of these free choices, your predictions match all of the selections exactly with no ambiguous wording, no 'one ahead' and no secret moves, glue, magnets, or other nonsense.

Taking a Paul Curry 'Touch' of genius, The Deck of Fortune presents a custom printed fortune telling deck, (with the meanings and illustrations on each card so you don't have to teach them) and adds a killer presentation that you will want to use over and over... with, of course, different cards each time!

Sounds like some GOOD FORTUNE!

"I love doing mental magic but hate fishing for information. The deck of fortune throws all fishing out the window and leaves you with a pure and simple miracle. The cards are gorgeous in design and leave loads of room for the more hard-core mentalist to do full readings during the routine. I cannot recommend this enough!"
- Alan Rorrison

"Liam's 'Deck of Fortune' is an absolutely beautiful mystery! Such an engaging plot, freedom of choice and beautiful fortune telling cards. I have absolutely no hesitation in giving !!!!"
- John Carey

"Liam's new Deck of Fortune is fantastic. It allows you to reveal three freely named cards - the participant's PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE - with 100% accuracy. Different cards every performance (always 100% correct though!), zero sleight of hand, zero memory work and zero 'fishing'. An intriguing premise, a practical handling and a clever method all combine to make Deck of Fortune a trick that you will use."
- Mark Elsdon
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Customer Reviews

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Phil Bevan
Deck of Fortune is Amazing

The move is bold and it fools laypeople badly--the premise is engaging and you can do it live or online. I gobsmacked a radio announcer online so much that he was speechless --which is hard for a radio announcer. I highly recommend this trick. Great reactions.