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LEGEND Cups and Balls (Copper/Polished) by Murphy's Magic - Trick

LEGEND Cups and Balls (Copper/Polished) by Murphy's Magic - Trick

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The Cups and Balls is by far the most legendary trick in magic. It's been performed for thousands of years and perfected in the hands of some of magic's most legendary figures. From The Streets of India to the lush parlors of France, the Cups and Balls has been performed in every venue imaginable.

Murphy's Magic is proud to present the LEGEND Cups and Balls Set. We dedicate this to all of the Legends that have come before us and to those who will someday become legends themselves.

These beautiful copper cups have been designed to bring elegance and sophistication into the hands of all who hold them. They come in two finishes -- Polished and Aged.

The Polished cups come in a classic, highly-shined finish that shows off the brilliance of the Copper.

The Aged set has a hand-brushed patina that gives the appearance of an old antique set of Cups.

To say the weight and balance of the cups are substantial is an understatement. These could possibly be the heaviest, high-quality cups you have ever owned. Once you work with these, you will never look for another set.
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Customer Reviews

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Wal Parker
Legend Cups and Balls

A heavy set of cups that are very easy to use. They are not too large, but will hold a tennis ball at a pinch.
My set is polished and really needs care not to be scratched. I am very happy with this set.