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Lynx SMART Smoke Watch by João Miranda Magic

Lynx SMART Smoke Watch by João Miranda Magic

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**PLEASE NOTE: This item is available for special order only. Contact us for availability & delivery timeframe**

João Miranda is being claimed as one of the most incredible emerging creators in magic and the Smart Smoke Watch proves that.

The smart smoke watch is the most innovative, sexiest and reliable method for producing beautiful clouds of smoke from the magician's bare hands and is completely sleeveless.

No more wires, cables, cloth requirements or big battery packs.

Finally the magician can produce the smoke in one self-contained wristwatch, making the effect much stronger and clean.

This version is half the thickness of the original version, and has a much more modern look. The smoke production has been improved regarding the smoke thickness.

(Each watch is made in Portugal and is a 100% original creation of João Miranda)


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