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Will Alma Collection: Jumbo Sucker Card Frame

Will Alma Collection: Jumbo Sucker Card Frame

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Acquired from the collection of John Andersen, who in turn was passed  these by the great Les Levante. A classic effect seldom seen, yet still very baffling.

A wonderful effect similar to the Sliding Die box or Run Rabbit Run. A jumbo card is loaded into the frame and through a series of sucker ploys, the card is found to eventually vanish completely. It can then reappear anywhere you like.

Includes matching jumbo bicycle cards, and a beautiful peek out gimmick. Operationally this is in excellent condition.

The ALMA hallmark can be found on the front of the frame at the top, near the handle. A true collector's piece!

Value on this item has been guided by expert auctioneers and collectors. No instructions are included.

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